Martin Kippenberger

Martin Kippenberger
Catalogue Raisonnée of the Paintings
Volume II 1983 – 1986
Martin Kippenberger 
Catalogue Raisonné of the Paintings Volume II 1983–1986

  Ed. Gisela Capitain and Lisa Franzen
The Estate of Martin Kippenberger
Texts by Julia Gelshorn and Chris Reitz
576 Pages | 676 colour illustrations

  Volume II of the catalogue raisonné of Martin Kippenberger’s paintings covers the years 1983 to 1986. Kippenberger would have turned 70 by the publication date in February 2023. Over 300 works are illustrated in colour and listed with catalogue number, title, year, technique, dimensions, inscriptions, provenance, exhibitions and bibliography. A variety of sources, historical photographs and archive materials complement individual entries. Series and groups of works are divided into chapters and elucidated with opening texts. The authors contextualise the history of the paintings and highlight references by Kippenberger to works of his own and by other artists.  

Volume II covers series and groups of works such as the I.N.P. series (1984), the Opinion Pictues (1985), the ‘I ♥’ Pictures (1985), the Profit and Cost Peaks (1985) and the No Problem Pictures (1986). The paintings from 1984 and 1985 on architecture or major contemporary phenomena and issues, such as Socialism and Capitalism, are grouped in thematic blocks. In addition, Kippenberger’s extensive artistic output following his trip to Brazil – including the groups of works Retrospective Proposals, Girl from Ipanema and Copa – forms a chapter of its own for the year 1986.
The appendix contains a chronological list of exhibitions and literature, which adopts Martin Kippenberger’s own differentiated use of the terms ‘exhibition catalogue’, ‘artist’s book’ and ‘book’.
This part has been updated to reflect events and publications since the completion of Volume III (1987–1992 | published in 2016).