Tobias Pils – Reiner Speck

On Kawara / Tobias Pils
The passage of time
Bibliotheca Reiner Speck, Cologne

25.05.2023 - 24.06.2023
The passage of time

On Kawara / Tobias Pils

One day contains everything.
There is silence. There is joy.
Minimum for maximum.
Greatest economy.
Cosmic time to human scale.
Individual life broad as universe.
A diary.
A self portrait.

These paintings are time. They take it and give it away.
They move toward the viewer and away with him.
They transform themselves in him for it is he who shifts them into a subjective
shade of time and recreates them. And yet they continue to exist, indeed by simply
existing they are the most basic form of dialogue.
A dialogue that never demands affirmation nor negation, but decision - even if without
for this picture in this moment, that is, in time!*

Viewing becomes a process of yielding my own sense of logic to the alien logic- the non
logic of my imagery.
The images are like trains of thought or isolated thoughts that never reach a determinate
A painting can be a whole day in a life.

— Tobias Pils —

*Ferdinand Schmatz
**Richard Shiff

25.05.2023, 6 - 8 p.m.

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