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November 18, 2017 - January 05, 2018

Galerie Gisela Capitain is pleased to announce its third exhibition with the US-American artist Seth Price (b. 1973).

At the core of Seth Price’s work lies his intensive examination of industrial materials. His new works have emerged from provisional experiments with arbitrarily selected motifs and their subsequent representations on materials such as PVC, polystyrene, acrylic polymer or printed vinyl. Price internalizes the possibilities of the materials as well as the technical procedures involved in manipulating them. As part of this process, technical errors and contingent effects also influence the work.

Some of the exhibited works are made with print waste from a commercial imaging facility, selected by the factory and assembled into new pieces by the artist during the installation. Cartographic photographs of human body parts, pieced together by software, are printed at extreme magnification on vinyl and mounted on a light box – a similarly common medium for advertising.

A banal pencil meanders through the works in the exhibition. This pencil can only be used to erase: it contains no lead and is hollow on the inside. As one bends it, its form begins to resemble a drainpipe. Price then picks up on the form of the pipe in his sculptures, albeit using different materials. These sculptures are printed with a dense, repetitive pattern of a mascot-like hermaphrodite – “a pencil-bearing, hermaphroditic glob“ which reappears in other works as a background pattern.

Through Price’s method of processing his materials, familiar motifs are transformed into almost alien object that defy our habitual ways of seeing.

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