Barbara Bloom

  • Reflections on Mrs. and Mr. VN, 2020

    Seamless backdrop paper, table, chair, wallpaper, framed mirror, typewriter, photograph
    Dimensions variable

    Photo: Jens Ziehe, Berlin

  • Under a sky of flawless blue. (Gide), 2015

    Hand tufted woollen carpet with carved braille text
    274 x 183 cm

  • Semblance of a House: Dining Table, 2013/2015

    Table, 12 stemmed glasses, chandelier, 2 metal ‚pages‘
    Installation view

  • Steinway Piano Carpet (Songs for YOU!), 2010

    Wool rug, 3 portable CD players, 3 CDs, 33 min 4 sec
    229 x 184 x 1 cm

  • Crowd Song, 2008

    Framed archival digital print, music stand
    61 x 91,5 cm

  • Broken: Near Oval Vase, 2001

    Broken celadon object, repaired with gold and wrapped in computer-generated paper, box, matted and framed x-ray of the object, Wall-mounted light box for back lighting

  • Safe, 1999

    Framed digital print, hinged onto wall, wall safe
    Picture 48 x 58,5 cm / Safe 31 x 40 x 10 cm

  • The French Diplomat's Office, 1997

    Framed digital print, hand-dyed wool carpet, painted walls
    Installation view
    Project Arts Centre, Dublin, 2014

  • Mirror Mirror, 1989

    Archival digital print with custom mat,
    mirror with custom mat, wooden frames
    each 107 x 86 cm

  • The Gaze, 1985

    Archival digital prints, framed, curtain

Barbara Bloom

Born 1951 in Los Angeles
Lives and works in New York