Odenbach: Ausstellungsführung mit den Kuratorinnen

Führung mit Doris Krystof durch die Ausstellung so oder so in der Kunstsammlung NRW K21

Dienstag, 9.11., 16.30 – 17.30 Uhr
Sonntag, 12.12., 12 – 13 Uhr
Sonntag, 9.1., 12 – 13 Uhr

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Gold Custody by Barbara Bloom and Ben Lerner

Barbara Bloom and Ben Lerner share a fascination with intricate dramas of framing and reframing: what happens to an image or a phrase when it is re-encountered, recontextualized, recombined — when a particular frame of reference is established or collapses? How is meaning accrued or eroded through repetition, across pages or generations? How are images or sentences enlisted in — or suddenly freed from — the construction of our personal and collective mythologies?

In this collaborative book, bringing together Bloom’s artworks and Lerner’s prose poems, these questions are rendered beautiful as they are sensitively felt, veering between the promises of abstraction — ‘the showroom of grammar, its glitter and ghosts,’ collective nouns, songs without lyrics that everyone can sing — and verbal and visual languages of extreme privacy. Other topics include: false fathers, lice, stone fruit, Casper Rappaport, color words, alephs, forever stamps, and Goethe’s corridor.


Ragen Moss - Humane Imagination

Art Basel Unlimited 2021

in collaboration with Bridget Donahue, New York

Galerie Gisela Capitain
Art Basel 2021
Hall 2.1
Booth R8



Isabella Ducrot – Tendernesses

Friday 3 Sep 11am-10pm
Saturday 4 Sep 11am-8pm
Sunday 5 Sep 11am-6pm

Isabella seems attracted to everything that is normally hidden. Not self-important official mysteries,
but precisely what is kept hidden out of modesty, out of embarrassment, all that is tacitly
considered to be of little importance, unworthy and unseemly. In other words, Isabella is attracted
not by what is expressly forbidden, by prohibitions, but by what we refer to as taboos: things,
objects or gestures that we skirt around out of some kind of social and cultural pact. Yet precisely
because of this, because they are not officially-formulated rules or legal prohibitions, they offer
scope for an even more powerful force to act.
– Emanuele Dattilo



THE PRIMAVERA PROJECT is a modern-day collaboration of music and art. This digital album presents 14 new commissions by THE PRIMAVERA PROJECT for groundbraking, multi- Grammy nominated cellist Matt Haimovitz. Each composer responds to Sandro Botticelli’s enigmatic painting, Primavera, and the prophetic large-scale tryptich, Primavera 2020, by world-renowned contemporary artist Charline von Heyl.

Recorded in January 2021 at Charline von Heyl’s artist studio near downtown Marfa, Texas, the distinct and diverse contemporary compositional voices bridge the centuries, expanding and redefining the range and repetoire of the solo cello. For more information please visit


String Quartet for Six Players, with Stephen Prina

Aspen Art Museum, August 5th

Stephen Prina will stage a special performance of his 1976 composition String Quartet for Six Players, which takes as a starting point Mozart’s String Quartet No. 15 in D minor, albeit conceptually rearranged. Using chance as a guiding compositional principle, the work is performed in response to the throwing of a die. Musical performers are from the Aspen Music Festival and School.
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Retail Apocalypse

edited by Fredi Fischli, Niels Olsen, Adam Jasper

Shopping is history, in both senses of the word. As shopping shifts online and the economic shocks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic push bankruptcies to ­unprecedented levels, retail is facing its own version of the end of days. Retail Apocalypse presents a compendium of case studies, interventions, and object lessons rescued from the bonfire of retail culture. It ranges from Friedrich Kiesler’s display windows to Gae Aulenti’s Fiat show­rooms, from J. G. Ballard’s dystopian fantasies to TELFAR’s critical utopias, from Rem Koolhaas to Herzog & de Meuron.


Online Artist Talk with Jorge Pardo and Konstantin Grcic

organized by Kunsthalle Bielefeld

30 June 2021

Both Konstantin Grcic and Jorge Pardo are internationally renowned for their chairs, lamps and other furnishings.
While Grcic creates designs that are produced in series Pardo introduces his designs into the art space as works of art. Design and art are connected with different expectations and functions. In conversation with Konstantin Grcic and Jorge Pardo, Christina Végh will address the role and significance, as well as the interactions, of the fields for their respective practices. Please register.


Samson Young at Borås Art Biennial, Sweden

The installation series entitled Possible Music (2018) is an ongoing work developed in collaboration with NESS who have developed a pioneering code-driven software that generates sound with virtual instruments, making it possible for Young to compose music for instruments that cannot exist in reality.

Possible Music #2 (2019) is a 16-channel sound installation of short compositions performed by virtual instruments that make reference to military “signal calls”—short tunes (typically performed on the trum­pet) that announce changes in daily routines in a mili­tary camp or on a battlefield—with titles like Attention Call, Fatigue Call, Assembly Call, Fantasy Call #1, and Sick Call.


Christopher Williams

This four-volume set of publications focuses on Christopher Williams‘ theatrical work Stage Play, first presented in 2017 at Miller’s Studio in Zürich. Housed in a slipcase, it contains documentation and the playscript for his eponymous play, related publicity and research documents, the artist’s series of open letters, and a related interview he conducted with historian Markus Krajewski on the ceramic tile façades of post-war architecture in Cologne. In addition to two critical essays by McDonough, this publication is largest collection to date of Williams‘ writing.